4 Trends that are Creating a Safe & Productive Work Site in 2020

Posted by Konnect Fastening Systems on Apr 3, 2020 1:52:34 PM

Do you ever arrive on site and feel a sense of unease?

You’re a little concerned that your worksite isn’t as organised and clear as you’d like it to be, and you’ve decided it needs to change.

What can you do in this situation? How can you ensure your worksite is clear and safe for both you and your workers?

Let’s investigate four trends…

  • Vendor Manager Inventory/On-site Storage.

Clutter is often a source of overwhelm, but it can also be quite dangerous if left unchecked. To ensure that your worksite remains clutter-free, we recommend investing in on-site storage solution.

On-site storage containers can help you:

  • Consolidate all your supplies in one place. For example, a dedicated fastener specialist can work with you to find the right range of products relevant to your business or project.
  • Appropriate lighting and shelving to ensure you can easily identify stock.
  • An easier way to visualise stock levels.

In addition, stock can be monitored to record usage and issue invoices accordingly. Read more about the benefits of on-site solutions.


  • Nut Removal Technology

Mining and construction machinery require robust and durable nuts for harsh conditions. Nut removal has been an issue for several organisations. Nuts become corroded or damaged due to heavy duty applications and tough conditions.

The standard nut removal process is arduous and can often lead to safety issues with the need for hot work permits, as nuts require welding to be removed, which is time consuming and inefficient.

The Segnut has been created as a safer, smarter and faster nut removal solution. It simplifies the removal without any need for welding or permits and increases safety.

  • PPE

It goes without saying, safety and personal protective equipment (PPE) is paramount to the safety and wellbeing of a workplace. Make sure that you have all your PPE needs covered in 2020 to keep you and your workers safe and productive.

At Konnect, we have everything you need – from protective clothing, safety glasses and hearing protection to safety tape and signage.

  • Dustless Technology

Silicosis has gained attention as a prevalent safety issue in 2020, caused by the overexposure to silica dust. New cases are being reported regularly and it has become a major area of concern across various industries.

A respiratory illness, Silicosis is caused by overexposure to silica dust and is being reported as ‘the new asbestos’. There are various severities of silicosis – ranging from acute, mild to severe. Read our full article on silicosis.

As the awareness of this issue spreads, many power tool companies are leading the way and in minimising silica dust in the working environment.

For example, the DeWalt m-Class range has several industry dust extraction technologies that help significantly reduce dust exposure.



Workplace efficiency is an important issue that shouldn’t be ignored.

You’re not only keeping yourself and your workers safe, you’re creating an environment that leads to increased productivity.

Act now by evaluating the areas of your worksite that could be improved and empower your people to work smarter.


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